Come join me at RVS Virtual School next year!

RVS is an amazing virtual school that has great class schedules that are very flexible so you won't constantly be going from class to class all day. They provide you with almost everything you will need for class, even hotspots if you need it.  The teachers are very caring and truly care about the students. There's a variety of clubs to go to, like gamer and chess club! We have in person events too like park day and game night with lots of fun activities. At times they're are raffles you can enter with lots of cool prizes like gift cards. There's also field trips that are fun and our most recent one was to an art museum which I enjoyed very much. A pro tip is you don't even have to get all dressed up, you can wear what you're comfortable in, login to your computer, and you’re ready for school!  I overall love the RVS school and being a trailblazer because I can create my own path for learning. Once again, it is  a great virtual school to attend and I would love for you to join me next year! -By Samirah (RVS Student)

Why is RVS so awesome? Why is it a big privilege?

First of I would like to say this year has been amazing, and I’ve met many nice people and teachers. I enjoyed every moment in every single class! RVS is so wonderful and an amazing privilege for students. The world is very crazy nowadays especially in-person school. 

What matters the most is students protection and working where they are comfortable at. School is to learn and not feel uncomfortable. RVS is so awesome because the counselors are so supportive, so funny, and they’re a very funny person to talk to, They lighten up your mood very quickly. They host many fun activities outside the virtual world, even being virtual you still feel very connected to many other students and teachers. 

RVS is such an amazing privilege for students! I mean what more can you ask for SCHOOL at home! Alright, just because you’re at home still MEANS YOU’RE AT SCHOOL so don’t fool around! I do believe that very single students emotions matter and what they feel comfortable in should do what they love, so it matters where students learn and they should feel like they are there and present and participating. 

In-Person school, you have 6 classes every single day! But in RVS middle school, you only have 3 per day! There is flex breaks after a class to get your work done. If you lack in something, also take that time to practice even if you don’t have any assignments. I’d say a BIG privilege that RVS has is honestly wearing whatever you want and also eating a snack! But please do remember to COMB your hair and throughout the day shower and change clothes! I’ve got to say even though some may think that RVS is just meant for introverted people who don’t want to socialize and don’t do anything instead of staring at a computer! THIS CLAIM IS ABSOLUTELY SO SO WRONG!! Come on! RVS is a place that literally helps you with anything like that, if you’re someone with anxiety or just nervous RVS helps you with that! 

I was provided private meetings every week which boosted up my confidence a lot and socializing! RVS Is so wonderful and a big privilege for not only students but parents! You’re provided with many amazing sources and care and everyone loves you and real people STAY. If you are thinking about joining RVS don't second thought it DO IT! What definitely matters the most is being comfortable in your learning zone and something that you think will definitely help you and others. THANK YOU and it is time to join the the BEST RVS VIRTUAL SCHOOL and become the BEST TRAILBLAZER!

Arley (RVS Student)

Why is RVS such an awesome school? RVS is an awesome school because it’s flexible and all teachers and staff are very helpful and awesome! RVS has a schedule that guarantees students the time to finish any classwork/homework and if we ever need help, the resources are amazing. 

Worried about socialization? Don’t worry! RVS holds in-person events for ALL grade levels that gives students the chance to participate in fun activities all while making friends! There are park days, career days, game nights, and many more:) I’ve been in virtual school since the 4th grade and have been at RVS the last two years. As an incoming 8th grader, I’ve created so many memories and incredible friendships that I will never forget.

RVS is the best virtual school! Another awesome thing about RVS that I wanted to share is that coming from in-person my grades weren’t the best and I wasn’t really confident in my academic career but now I’m a straight A student and feel comfortable and confident in all work I complete. RVS helped me to become an amazing trailblazer student.

Savannah (RVS Student)


Hello potential students of RVS!

I am Mateo, a 7th grade student from RVS and I will be telling you a few reasons on why RVS is such a great virtual school to attend. RVS is great because in RVS you get to stay at home which is what most students want. You can also meet some great teachers like I have this year.  Lastly, RVS is great because you could make some great friends and make some great memories like I have. So please come to RVS and start making memories that will last forever!

Hello trailblazers, I would like to encourage you to join us. Why?, RVS is nice and chill, and the teachers are nice and understanding. There are also people that are easy to make friends with. There are also clubs, like a game club, for example, overall RVS is something you shouldn't pass up. Hope you join and become a trailblazer.  - Anthony

I think RVS is a great place to go to school. There are so many options and I love that they do stuff on weekends. For example they have park day, game day and video game events. Another thing I like is that the teachers are so nice, caring and very fun. I love how they give you everything they give you: paper, notebooks, earphones and a bunch more. I love RVS and I feel like more people should come here. It's an amazing place for students! Come join me! 

- Jasmine

Riverside Virtual School is the best school for me.  Computers, chargers, and hotspots are provided at the beginning of the year if needed.  Personally, I like being able to join my classes in the comfort of my own home and I love my teachers.  I love our three class schedule.  The way it works is that on Monday and Thursday we have our odd periods and Tuesday and Friday we have our even periods.  This way, students have more time with their teachers and peers than they would in-person.  We also have school events such as Movie-Night, Game-Night, Trunk-or-Treat, Family Fun Day, etc.  This way, students can meet and hang out with their friends and peers in-person.  It is also an opportunity for families to come together and support our school.  

-8th grader Amanda

One of my favorite things about RVS is the yearly talent shows because it gives you an opportunity to let loose and just be yourself. Another reason why I love RVS is because of the elective classes. My favorite one was the life skills class and journalism. That class was my favorite because the assignments were fun and you would make your own news stories and newspapers and present them to the class! -Ava
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